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Rocket to Jigsaw Planet

by Jennie Maizels
Blast off to the skies for a supergalactic good time! And, it's 10, 9, 8, down to zero, and off you go. Suit up and zoom out to worlds beyond. Look at Earth from far away, eat special space food, and surround yourself with stardust. And, maybe--if you're lucky--you'll even see an alien in its flying saucer. It's amazing how much fun the galaxy can be. But, the best part is always coming home to those you love...and when you get there, put together two puzzles: one shows the control panel of a rocketship, and the other side shows what life is like in outer space.
Reading level: Baby-Preschool
16 pages, Hardcover (board), $10.95 ISBN 1862331480 Buy.

Journey to Jigsaw Town

by Jennie Maizels
Reading level: Ages 4-8
14 pages, Hardcover, $10.95 ISBN 1862330735 Buy.

Party in Jigsaw Forest

by Jennie Maizels
It's an animal party--and you're invited! As you go, pass by all the animals' forest homes. Rabbits curl up in their burrow, worms live in the soil, fish swim in the river, and butterflies alight on sweet-smelling flowers. Bees make honey in their hive, birds chirp in their nest, a spider weaves a delicate web, and frogs jump, jump, jump in the pond. But, they're all coming together with a cake and presents--and if you put all the pieces of the puzzle together you'll see why! A busy, vibrant, and delightful look at animal habitats.
Reading level: Baby-Preschool
16 pages, Hardcover (Board), $10.95 ISBN 1862331537 Buy.

Picnic at Jigsaw Farm

by Jennie Maizels
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover - 14 pages, $10.95 ISBN 1862330689 Buy.

The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book

by Kate Petty, Illustrated by Jennie Maizels, Edited by Susan Van Metre.
"Contrary to popular belief, the earth is not flat. Therefore it stands to reason that a geography book should pop up, spin, and reveal the world's secrets in all its three-dimensional glory. This truly Amazing Pop-Up book, virtually exploding with action and visual stimulation, is divided into eight main categories: "Our Place in Space," "Sunshine," "Continents and Oceans," "Rivers and Mountains," "Countries," "Disaster!," "Journey Time," and "Who Lives Here?" Each page is jam-packed with flaps to lift, wheels to dial, tabs to pull, and exciting pop-ups. There's even an expandable globe hanging on an elastic string, so readers can take a closer look at Earth as they learn more about its components. Scientific, political, and geographical information is presented in an easy-to-absorb, lighthearted way, so even the reluctant geographer will have no problem mastering the basics and much more. Silly characters named Sonny Sun, Eartha Earth, the Quizmaster (a walrus in a top hat), Disastrous Dan, Julian Journey, and Otis Ocean guide readers through the pages, and encourage everyone to take good care of the world. This lively book is a terrific companion to Kate Petty and Jennie Maizels's other Amazing Pop-Up books: The Amazing Pop-Up Multiplication Book, The Amazing Pop-Up Grammar Book, and The Amazing Pop-Up Music Book. Death-defying paper mechanics and truly fascinating information about the universe ensure a happy surprise for children who've wondered if there isn't anything more to geography. (Ages 6 to 10)." Emilie Coulter.
Reading level: Ages 9-12
14 pages, Hardcover $16.09 ISBN 0525464387 Buy.

The Amazing Pop-Up Music Book

by Kate Petty, Illustrated by Jennie Maizels
""Clop" a rhythm like a pony! Take the musical tree elevator! Meet Quentin Quarter Note! With this lively, toe-tapping, time-keeping interactive book, aspiring young musicians pull tabs, flip flaps, and tickle the ivories of a real battery-run electronic keyboard (three SR1130 batteries included). Soon everyone will be reading music! Friendly critters introduce each of the basic musical elements: rhythm, notes, time signatures, the staff, scales, sharps and flats, and key signatures. Fabulous images ensure that the learning will be lifelong--a plump elephant sits on a note to make it flatter. Rock-'n'-rolling "Beetles" teach an easy way to remember the order of notes on a staff: "Even Groovy Bats Drink Fly-juice." The amount of color, creatures, and information on each page may be a trifle overwhelming, but it leaves no doubt that there will be something new to discover with every reading. Kate Petty and Jennie Maizels have created several books designed to make scary subjects less intimidating: The Amazing Pop-Up Multiplication Book and The Amazing Pop-Up Grammar Book. Their imaginative paper mechanics and goofy animal antics make their books a hit with reluctant learners and avid scholars alike. (Ages 6 to 10)." Emilie Coulter.
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover, $16.09 ISBN 0525461604 Buy.

Parasite Antigens, Parasite Genes : A Laboratory Manual for Molecular Parasitology

by M.L. Blaxter, M.E. Selkirk, R. M. Maizels and B. D. Robertson
From: Cambridge University Press.
January 1992, 224 pages, Paperback, $69.95 ISBN 0521419271 Buy.

Environmental Change in Iceland : Past and Present

by Judith K. Maizels, Chris Caseldine (Editor)
>From the series: Glaciology and Quaternary Geology, Volume 7.
July 1991, 343 pages, Hardcover, $185.50 ISBN 0792312090 Order.

Getting to Dry : How to Help Your Child Overcome Bedwetting

by Max Maizels, Diane Rosenbaum, Barbara Keating
272 pages, Paperback, $14.95 ISBN 1558321314 Buy,
272 pages, Hardcover, $27.95 ISBN 1558321306 Buy.

Raw Creation : Outsider Art and Beyond

by John Maizels, Roger Cardinal (Introduction)
"Primitive, folk, naive, self-taught, outsider--branding art made outside of the conventional art world has become a tender task. What defines it? Who are its creators? No matter what you call it, there's no denying the visceral appeal of raw creativity unbound by rules, class, or education. Long-overdue attention is finally being awarded to self-taught artists--so often marginalized by race, economics, and social structure--allowing them to carve a solid place for themselves and their work in the world of high art. Maizel's book examines the history, study, and appreciation of this century's self-taught art, from the maniacal drawings of asylum inmates to found-object sculptures made by street people to homes surrounded by monoliths or covered in mosaic. The book bills itself as an introduction to the topic, but it is in fact quite a comprehensive study. It is divided into three sections: part one explores early studies of the work of the insane, Dubuffet and Art Brut; part two chronicles folk art and self-taught artists around the world; and part three delves into the world of visionary environments. The contemporary busyness of the design-small type, footnotes printed perpendicular to text, and seemingly random increases in font size can be frustrating, but plow through--the content is informative and inspirational."
"'Outsider art' is defined here as art created outside of schools, movements, or organized studies: quite often by newcomers to mediums and those who have little or no experience. Enjoy an often-startling, extensive catalog of these works, tracing both the history and recognition of this form of art expression and the artists who have created works which defy categorization. Excellent-quality full-page color reproductions of works provide the essential keys to understanding their creation and importance." Midwest Book Review.
"A Compilation Beyond the Ordinary... Steven G Swanson from St. Paul, MN, USA, who concludes: "I like the way the footnotes are treated on each page and would suspect that these footnotes could serve as a source for further explorations."
240 pages, Paperback, $24.50 ISBN 0714840092 Buy,
240 pages, Hardcover, $48.96 ISBN 0714831492 Buy.

Raw Vision

by John Maizels (Editor)
Paperback, $10.50 ISBN 9997601955 Order.

Economic Crisis in Developing Countries : New Perspectives on Commodities, Trade and Finance

Essays in Honour of Alfred Maizels
by MacHiko Nissanke, Adrian Hewitt (Editor)
Part I relates economic development to the movement in world commodity prices and earnings and the terms of trade, and associated changes in external debt and foreign aid. Part II evaluates major premises in the mainstream economic paradigm of development in the interrelated areas of trade, finance and technology. Contributors to this scholarly collection of thirteen essays in honour of Alfred Maizels include Gerry Helleiner, Dragoslav Avramovic, Walter Labys, John Spraos, Hans Singer and Frances Stewart.
September 1993, Hardcover, $99.90 ISBN 1855671522 Order.

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Films featuring Maizels

The Castle

Produced: 1999
US video release: 2001
Director: Rob Sitch
Starring: Michael Caton, Anne Tenney, Sophie Lee, Tiriel Mora, Eric Bana and Monty Maizels as Jack.
"The title of The Castle refers to a ramshackle suburban tract house so close to an airport that planes fly mere yards above the roof. Worse than that, it's built on a toxic landfill and right beside humming high-power lines. But to patriarch Darryl Kerrigan (Michael Caton) and his dim-witted but cheerful brood it's home. Darryl has devoted himself to constantly improving it with modifications like a false chimney that, as he brags to a man sent to estimate the value of the property, makes the house look more picturesque. When the owners of the airport serve Darryl notice that his home is being compulsorily purchased, Darryl hires a small-time lawyer and pursues his case all the way to the Australian Supreme Court [the "High Court"]. This Australian box-office smash wasn't as successful as The Full Monty in American theaters, but it has something of the same buoyant spirit. The Castle actually plays better on the small screen; its relationship with its characters is much like the farcical intimacy of classic British sitcoms like Fawlty Towers, in which crazed behavior is balanced by the genuine warmth of the whole cast. Caton in particular is a sweet, engaging presence; Darryl Kerrigan is a fool, but a fool with dignity, and he carries you through the movie." Bret Fetzer.
"Hilarious! This is a great movie. I am also biased because I lived in Australia for two months, but anyone can appreciate this heartwarming comedy. If you like satire, this movie is for you. Also, if you liked this movie, you should see "The Dish" with Sam Neill." A viewer from Davis, CA.
Region 1 DVD, Colour, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby, $18.74 ASIN: B00001U0DW Buy,
NTSC colour videocassette, Closed-captioned, $12.99 ASIN: B00001W9GI Buy.

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