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Flashes from the clan

The Melbourne arm of the family gathers in July 1998

  • FAMILY.JPG is the extended MAIZELS clan, as snapped by Melissa Maizels (age 4 - she has a future as a photographer). This was the first time the family had been together as a group for 5 years. 
  • JMFAMILY.JPG is the male members of the Monty Maizels branch with typical "we're-together" expressions, and the only female member of the Monty branch showing typical bemusement. Nobody in this photo looks as old as their real age. 
  • ROBBOYS.JPG is Matt, Robin and Leigh Maizels. As an accomplished drummer, there are two things about Robin that are worth knowing. 1. Contrary to the popular image of drummers, Robin has a personality. 2. Conventional wisdom suggests you should never annoy a man who has a large truck or a bulldozer. Robin has both.


    NEW:  Radio Daze!

    My past has started to catch up with me.    Many moons ago, I spent a year as Chief Technical Officer of the student radio station at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.   The name of the station is 3ST, and it still exists.

    For some information and history on 3ST see the  Student Radio Association History compiled by Ryan Egan.   For a special laugh, check out the photo of me at age 19, running a studio in a moving elevator (one of my better stunts, a first for radio anywhere as far as I know, and entirely legal)!  There is some more babble under the link with my name, or by clicking on the photo.   And there is the complete article from Australasian Post.

    Then follow the links through the rest of the SRA history.

    General Information

    I work for IBM in Australia, as part of a global team serving the Broadcast Industry.

    My spare time is devoted to electronics, music, a certain amount of housework and gardening, and a severe interest in sound design and operation for Musical Theatre.

    Legal disclaimer department.  Page updated last on 30 December 98, because I just worked out how.  One size fits all.  Batteries not included, except where required by law.   Your mileage may vary.   Mine doesn't,but I can't claim that without voiding the warrantee.   Nobody reads this stuff.   Prove me wrong.

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