Grant and Tracey's Lighthouse Page


  • Adept Business System Pty. Ltd.
    for providing a web server for the lighthouse pages.
  • Tracey Mitchell
    for putting up with visits to lots of lighthouses.
  • Kean Maizels
    for providing technical assistance, maintiaing the web server and photographs.
  • Dayne Laird
    for providing the photographs of East Cape lighthouse NZ.
  • Carmen and Liz Penney
    for providing photographs.
  • Adrian Tonks
    for providing photographs.
  • Aaron Oxley
    for photograph of St Bees Head Lighthouse, Englnad.
  • Rosena Harding
    for photographs of lighthouses on Rottnest Island.
  • Bernadette Wilmshurst
    for photographs of French and Canadian Lighthouses.
  • Dayle and David Green
    for scanning slides and locating reference material.
  • Malcolm Macdonald
    for information and assistance in with lighthouse details, and in particular assistance with the Penguin Island trip.
  • Brett Manewell
    for providing photographs.
  • Denis Stead
    for providing photographs.
  • Frank Carigliano
    For providing transport to Penguin Island, SA.
  • The Port Macdonal Maratime Museum.
    for information on the Cape Northumberland and Cape Banks lighthouses.
  • Cogita Business Services
    for assistance in visting lighthouses overseas.

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