Other Maizels We Have Known
Here we have some other Maizels we know, or have come across in our travels.

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What's that??

Fran Maizels

Monty Maizels

Lucky Maizels
(Oy Vay!)
Who knows????
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Closely Related

Neil Maizels    Melbourne  ?
Rob Maizels     Melbourne  ?

Distantly Related

Lucy Maizels    London     lucymaizels(NOSPAM)talk21.com
Jennie Maizels  London     jennie.maizels(NOSPAM)bigfoot.com
John Maizels	London     ?
Rick Maizels	Edinburgh  r.maizels(NOSPAM)ed.ac.uk
Debbie Maizels	UK         debbie(NOSPAM)zoobotanica.u-net.com

More Distantly Related ??

Susi Maizels	Sydney     maizels(NOSPAM)geko.net.au
Nancy Maizels	USA        maizels(NOSPAM)u.washington.edu
Simon Maizels	UK         smaizels(NOSPAM)nortelnetworks.com
Mikhail Maizels	Ohio       maizelsm(NOSPAM)fuse.net
Stephen Maizels Canada     s.maizels(NOSPAM)sympatico.ca

We are currently working on a family tree to show how the many Maizels are connected.   Visit again soon, and hopefully it will be here!

Last updated 15th Sep 2001